CWMD Upcoming Events

NDIA CBRN Defense Conference & Exhibition: Wilmington, DE

July 23-24, 2019
2019 CBRN Defense Conference & Exhibition, Wilmington, DE

The purpose of the Annual CBRN Defense Conference and Exhibition is to promote the positive exchange of information (scientific, technical and operational) relating to the subject of defense against Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the ever growing CBRN threat around the world and in our homeland. Website: 


August 6-8, 2019
2019 Global Explosive Ordnance (EOC) Symposium & Exhibition, Bethesda, MD

Examine innovation in training and technology for the international EOD, public safety bomb squad (PSBS) and UXO/demining community. Military members attend this event for free so expect to interact with numerous EOD technicians in uniform from all services’ operational units as well as program managers and resource sponsors from the Pentagon. There will be attendees and speakers/panelists from the Interagency to include ATF, FBI and the DHS Office of Bombing Prevention.
*CWMD CMF speaking August 7th


November 5-7, 2019
2019 CBRNe Convergence, Nashville, TN

The CBRNe Convergence Congress & Exhibition is three days of CBRNE excellence, with speakers from around the world, joined by the largest CBRNE exhibition in North America and a live demo done by Nashville responders.
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The 2019 CWMD GMM will be held at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Convention Center in Rockville, MD on November 12th & 13th.

More information and registration coming soon.


November 18-21, 2019
2019 DTRA CBD S&T Conference, Cincinnati, OH

DTRA Joint Science and Technology Office (JSTO) is in the early stages of planning its biennial science and technology conference, to be held in Cincinnati the week before Thanksgiving. Consortium members could significantly benefit by attending.
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