Henry Heine, Ph.D.

Univ. Florida, Inst. for Therapeutic Innovation

Academic Representative

Director, Select Agent program, Institute of Therapeutic Innovation, Univ. Florida. Research Microbiologist at USAMRIID for 11 years. Research has involved developing standardized methodology for establishment of susceptibility ranges of licensed and investigational antibiotics and efficacy aerosol-challenge animal models of infection for key strains of Biowarfare/Bioterrorism bacterial agents. At the request of the FDA the Clinical Laboratories Standards Institute (CLSI, formally, National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards, NCCLS) helped to establish and standardize this testing criteria for Biowarfare/Bioterrorism bacterial agents. Additional interests include bacterial physiology, applied immunology (immunomodulation therapies), pathogenesis, and Mycobacteriology. While at USAMRIID served on the “Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise) (PHEMCE) which oversees advanced research, development, procurement, and stockpiling of medical countermeasures (e.g. vaccines, medicines, diagnostics, and other necessary medical supplies).